02 August 2010

monday confessions.

sometimes instead of washing my fruit, i'll simply rub them on my pants.

i don't believe (or just don't have the willpower) in having just one cookie. or one of anything.

i can't sew to save my life. or iron. as you recall from this little incident.

i'm anti-technology and can't work a touch-screen phone.

i need to eat something sweet after almost every meal.

my favorite book of all time is still the the last of the really great whangdoodles by julie andrews (yes, mary poppins). anyone have a copy i can borrow?

i have been sleeping in until at least 9 am, sometimes 10 for the last couple weeks. i rarely remember cort leaving for work at sunrise. i feel so lazy. 

i don't really like "dinner foods". i'd rather eat cereal, or something equally as convenient, for almost every meal. 

i don't change my brita filter as often as i should. i'm almost always 2 months behind.

i roll my eyes at celebrities and reality tv, yet i'm an avid reader of people magazine and a fan of the bachelorette.

for the short stint we had in san francisco, i think i considered myself a republican. or at least the residents there did.

i think adding m&m's to any recipe makes it better.

i very much believe in the motto, "working to live" rather than "living to work". 

i can't go to bed with anything out of place - that means, laundry is put away, no dishes in the sink and the house needs to at least "feel" clean.

sometimes i want to cut my hair really, really short and dye it blonde.



Ashley Blackburn said...

Change water filter? What?

Kristin said...

i love this post!! your so good at writing what your feeling down. i am the same way about the house....chris thinks i am crazy, but i just can't relax if it doesn't feel clean. i am excited for you!! your so close! hang in there xoxo

Amy E. Campbell said...

Haha, this is great. We must be sisters.

Erin Bradley said...

gosh, how i can relate to so many of these.

kinda scary actually.

miss you guys!

The Campbells said...

I also can never go to bed without my house at least feeling clean-otherwise it is so unsettling for me...

Ashley and Ezra said...

I love and miss you! Oh and sleep in as much as you can... this baby on the way might not let you do that for a while!