30 July 2010

even more baby stuff.

i can't help it. my mind is consumed. 

i love getting packages in the mail. even if i order them myself. i ran across this online shop of  sustainable modern wood art pieces that include prints, collages, growth charts and mirrors last week, and thought some of the pictures would fit right into our little guy's nursery.

pretty cute, no? they are even more so in person, and i think would be a great diy project - if i had the patience, that is. and the talent. 

in other baby news, i'm at that point in my pregnancy where i'm convinced every ache and pain is a sign of labor. or that every move i make is putting me into labor. it is because of this fact that i'm also pretty sure i'm going to be a couple weeks overdue. just my luck. so i'm spending my days doing only things that could possibly make my pregnancy feel and seem even longer...washing baby clothes and swaddling blankets - these aden and anais in particular (my very favorite), - cleaning our home from top to bottom once a day, sometimes twice, and trying to think of baby names (no luck, by the way). 

in dallas news, i'm pleased to announce that texas now holds two of my favorite things about california, just minutes away from our home. sprinkles cupcakes and pinkberry. yes, both food related and both bad for my waist line. and both of which i've frequented this week. is it sad that pinkberry was just as high on my list of things i was going to miss about california as the ocean? i don't really care, it's true. but not to worry any more...just down the street about 5 minutes away, we've got our own. dallas is looking better and better every day. 

i'm excited for this weekend and to catch a glimpse of Cort - since he's spending all his days and nights at the office these days. i miss him like mad, but couldn't be more appreciative of husband who makes it possible for me to stay at home with our baby. even while he's still in the womb. we're looking forward to a relaxing weekend by the pool, watching a few more netflix-ed episodes of Lost (just barely catching on to this craze), and probably cupcakes. or frozen yogurt. or both.

have a great weekend. xo.

*images via petit collage


Kristin said...

i love the art pieces!! i love owls! you have great taste! i totally agree with you about finding a name. esp boy names. i have many girl names i like and like 2 boy names. chris and i keep going back and forth on what we want to name him. i am excited for you....i am hoping i come just a little early but it is not looking likely. have a fabulous weekend!


Cason and Marie said...

Lets see some pictures of that cute bump!! We're having a hard time with names too. Someone told me to go to babygenienames.com. Try it!

Cason and Marie said...

whoops its babynamegenie.com