19 July 2010

one of those days.

i apologize in advance for this wordy, overly-detailed post. cort is in new york, i'm bored, and am feeling like "talking"....

i'm feeling very pregnant these days. this could also be due to the fact that i am inching into my last month, but i think i'm experiencing what i've heard some women refer to as "pregnancy brain". at least that is what i'm using as my excuse. i've always been a bit absentminded - very forgetful, and always doing things a little too quickly without thinking them through completely. but i'm pretty sure my pregnancy and the heat is making it much worse. on my way to a baby shower yesterday, cort and i stopped at target for some supplies, and while walking in, i tripped on a rug, and turned my much overworn sandals into a duck beak - (you know what i'm talking about? where the top and sole come apart and flap?) so annoying. my last attempt to fix these particular sandals involved scotch tape, and obviously that didn't work out, so since i was headed straight to my shower after our stop, i thought i'd grab some super glue in the office supply aisle and attempt to fix them (again). cort did a great job applying the glue, and i immediately slipped the sandal back on and stamped on it to make sure it stuck.

and it did. to the floor. my guess is my over-anxiousness to glue the sandal back together (and maybe my extra weight??), in addition to the worn-through leather, let the glue soak right through and onto the floor. and i should also mention that it soaked through the top as well, because when i couldn't get the shoe off the floor, i tried to slip my foot out, but my big toe was glued to the sandal. it took quite a bit of prying to get both my toe and my sandal off the target floor. sadly, not all of my sandal made it (not all of the skin on my toe did either). and i really love those sandals. tear.

after i got home from my shower, we had a little time before we met with this awesome couple and friends for dinner and to catch the new leo film, inception, so i grabbed some clothes and started ironing them. the heat is also making me deliriously tired, and i couldn't be bothered to grab the ironing board so i proceeded to iron my shorts on the thick banister next to me. this particular banister must have just been painted just before we moved in, or i must have left the iron on too high a setting, or left the iron on too long over my shorts, because once i lifted them up (i had to tug), i heard a rip, and almost cried seeing that some of the fabric from my shorts was left on the banister , and even worse, a big chunk of paint was glued to what was left of them.

this next little nugget can't be blamed on my pregnancy (or can it?) but it was funny/infuriating nonetheless. while sitting at the edge of my seat during inception. which is both interesting and suspenseful, we were nearing the last 20 nail-biting minutes of the film, where all questions would be answered and all would be resolved, when the screen went blank and the lights flipped back on. we stayed for a little bit, hoping for the best and that we'd get to see the ending, but apparently almost the whole city lost power. so no luck. like i said - funny and infuriating. i've been coming up with alternate movie-endings in my head since then. at least we got some free movie tickets out of it. even though we didn't see the full movie, and unless the ending is terrible, i'd suggest seeing it. it's good. don't tell me the ending though - some day, we'll see it again.

happy monday. xo.


Kristin said...

Laura! i couldn't help but laugh a little while reading your post. it sounds like "one of those days" though you have topped the list of "those days!"
hope your having a better one! i am excited for you....your in your last month!

The Dumas Family said...

Your experiences are getting you prepared for when you have a baby and will never be able to leave the house without forgetting something, running late and having your plans derailed by exploding diapers, vomit, crying, or all of the above. Get used to it little lady. It's amazing! Love you! Sorry about your stuff. That's never fun and no one wants to buy new things at the end of their pregnancy. I hope you get to see the end of the movie soon.

The Campbells said...

Oh, Laura...what a day. Your poor shorts and sandals-pretty funny though.
I can' t believe that cute little boy of yours will be here in month. I can't wait to meet him!
Love you

Char said...

Bummer to hear about your day, though I've had some of those myself. Sometimes get stuck in a rut, but there is always an up side so hang in there, almost done with the pregnancy and then you will get to meet your precious bundle of joy! I did get to see the movie this weekend, so I won't spoil it but if you did enjoy the whole thing that you got to see, go see the rest of it! It is soooo worth it and a must to fill the void.

Cason and Marie said...

I can't help but laugh. I feel ya! I always thought people were so weird for saying that they were klutzy, and that they forget things all the time while they were pregnant. It really is true though!! It happens.

I love that you kept your shoes! You should've used it as an excuse to buy a new pair of sandals at Target. :)

Ellie said...

Hate to say it but it really does only get worse...I can not even count the number of times Rob and I have died laughing at some ridiculous thing I have done since having the baby. In the last six weeks I have racked up some good ones....all worth it.