03 August 2010

daring and dangerous.

have you heard of these books? i think they're great.

i bought cort the dangerous version last year, then couldn't resist and bought the daring version for myself. of course, as with most of my impulse purchases, it "got lost" and i haven't seen it since. as i was cleaning out our bookshelf today, i pulled it out, dusty and unread, and couldn't believe what i've been missing.

it includes:

  • a checklist for braving any adventure, 
  • five powerhouse karate moves and a small yoga routine, 
  • inspiration and guidelines for cultivating a secret garden, 
  • profiles of queens of the ancient world and real-life princesses of today, and....
  • how to paddle a canoe, perfect a cartwheel and negotiate a salary.
  • ...plus much more

all important stuff we women should master.

don't be surprised if you get this as a birthday present from me.

happy tuesday. xo.

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