16 November 2011

fourteen months.

our darling boy, you are fourteen months. it seems like such a mouthful. fourteen! today a friend of ours commented on how big you are getting. she told me that you are not a baby anymore. even though you may not look it, i respectfully disagree. you will always be my baby.

our piles of baby clothes get bigger every day, and it tugs at my heart just a little as now that i shop for you, nothing looks like a baby anymore. gone are the baby blues and baby yellows. even the onesies are few and far between. i call them big boy clothes, and you look like such a big boy in them. and your feet! oh, they are such a big size six. and it's hard to find a pair that fit. but we finally caved and bought you some real shoes. with real soles. for real running and real climbing, and all sorts of big boy activities.

you love to copy and imitate everything we do. and you have become such a helper around the house. you love to hand me the pillows while making the bed in the morning. you help me put away the laundry, and vacuum the floor. and when we cook dinner, you insist on holding your own spoon or spatula, and i love watching you tap, tap, tap and stir away.

though you only have a few words in your vocabulary, you have a way of communicating that makes perfect sense to me. i can always tell exactly what you want. and you are determined. you'll grab me by the hand, and pull me down to the ground, letting me know you want to play. you point with persistence, and get excited to show us everything. the birds in the sky. the cars driving by. blinking lights. you are curious and interested in everything. wanting to know what everything is, and how you can get a hold of it. and i take any chance i can to get you to hold my hand. i'll hold mine out, and you'll wrap your sweet little fingers around mine...melting my heart every single time. but you also love walking on your own, and exploring everything around you. you have something which we call your confident strut. you'll walk fast and with a smirk on your face, swinging your arms around - like you've been doing it for years.

you love to make us laugh. you love tricking me by pretending that you are about to throw me the ball, but then will quickly hid it behind you back. you play peek-a-boo and love falling back into the pile of pillows on our bed. always with a big, "whoooaaaaa, " just to see our reaction. our very new favorite trick is when we tell you to jump. you'll squat on those sweet little chubby legs, and with a grunt, pop up quickly and throw your arms high above your head. for all you know, you've just jumped a million feet in the air. it's the cutest thing in the world.

and you dance. it wasn't a common occurrence at first, just once in a while. but now, every time you hear even the slightest hint of music, you'll get a big, toothy grin on your face, and your head will start bobbing. your arms start swinging. in the home, in the car, it doesn't matter. you love music and you love to move.

you amaze us every day with how much you know. i'll ask you to point to something, or to hand something to daddy, just out of habit, and i'm always so shocked by when you actually do something i say. you are a sponge, and so very, very smart.

your personality is full of sunshine and happiness, and we love how much of that you bring into our lives.

we love you so much for being you.

happy fourteen months baby boy!


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Burns Family said...

You just have a way of writing what every mom feels, I love that about you and I fall in love with your little man every time I read your blog and I have not even met him yet! He is adorable and I hear he is even cuter in person :)

The Dumas Family said...

I can't wait to see all your new tricks while you're in Utah, sweet Noah. Love you all!