01 October 2011

13 months.

dear little one,

at thirteen months, i hope to never forget...

how you climb. you love to show off how you can climb, by yourself, into your stroller. it's the only way you like to ride in it. standing up, holding onto the handles. like you are driving it yourself. 

how you had your first temper tantrum in the pharmacy of a cvs. it was over a candy bar. i think it was a snickers. it was such a cliche

how much you love helping in the kitchen. you love to "cook," with your spatula in one hand, and a pot in the other. i think there are as many kitchen utensils in your toy box as there are toys. 

or how you still insist on being nursed to sleep. nothing calms you more, and it's kind of adorable how excited you get for it. 

how your eyes light up when your dad comes home from work. you greet him with a smile and a snuggle, and don't want to leave his side all night. 

how you blow bubbles in the bath. you love to make us laugh. 

how i still can't stand to hear you cry. for even one second. 

or how much you love the park. and sliding down the slide all by yourself. and swinging on the swings. it's all your favorite. as long as you are outside, you are happy. 

how happy you are first thing in the morning. you are practically giddy to be awake, and are such a great example of how a day should be started. 

nothing is as good as waking up to your smile. 

happy 13 months baby bear. xo.

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