01 October 2011

12 months.

picture taken by the talented julie burton

today you are one.

today you are a toddler, as much as we hate to admit it.

you walk, and climb and run and are the busiest of boys.

today you love to meet new people, but are still shy of strangers.

you babble and talk in circles, in a way that seems to make perfect sense.

today you love being outside and in the sunshine.

and you love playing with a ball more than anything else.

today you still don't sleep very well,

but you are an excellent snuggler, so it's ok.

today you point at everything, and get excited to show us new things.

today you are loud. you bang, and throw things, and scream and babble.

today you love to imitate everything we do.

you are also a just a little bit stubborn.

but you have us wrapped around your little finger, so it doesn't matter.

today, we love you even more than we loved you yesterday.

and today you turned one year old.

one year ago, you changed our lives forever. you brought new purpose to our lives. you became our purpose. and you've made our lives so much better. we love you so much. thank you for letting us be your parents.

happy birthday (our forever) baby noah.


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