03 August 2011

water baby.

there are few things in this world that can excite baby Noah more than water can. maybe watering the plants (still involves water), or climbing the stairs...or just plain getting into trouble....

well...no, no...he thinks water is the best. if he is within 10 feet of a pool, stream, ocean or bathtub, he's lunging for it. bath-time is one of his favorite activities and he'll smile his biggest smile, squeal his highest squeal and splash, splash, splash. he thinks he's invincible and that his feet are slip-free and will pull himself up with the faucet until he's level enough to study it's inner-workings. or to try to wrap his mouth all the way around it. he'll give me a puzzled look as if saying, "where did the water go?". bath toys don't stand a chance as he bangs them on bottom of the tub, and chucks them against the walls. he even knows how to lift the plug and let the water out...even though he acts like it's the end of the world once it's gone.

he's a smart little cookie, our little one.

and pretty adorable too.

**for those of you interested (and you're probably not), i sewed this towel all by myself....i don't believe it either.



Julie said...

He is so dang cute! And very impressed that you sewed that towel, that is one talent I wished I had.

Amy said...

I didn't know that you sew... this is impressive. Teach me. I think it's so cute that all the little kiddos in our family love the water so much. I'll have to get in the pool someday ;)

Char said...

nice job on the towel, wish I could do that! he is so cute and love that he loves water!