03 August 2011


keeping it short tonight because we've had two sleepless nights in a row in our household. i'm blaming it on teething...but as a first time mother, i don't really know. i've taken a bath, drank my tea, and even did a little nighttime yoga to relax the mind. i'm calm, peaceful and ready for bed....but is my baby? we'll see. i'm off to bed to catch a few winks before any potential parties he might want to throw at 3 in the morning.

have a great wednesday night and an even better thursday. xo.

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Wendy said...

I dont know if you have heard about amber beads?? They have them on ebay, they are wonderful!! You can buy a necklace or anklet and it totally helps drooling and pain associated with teething. Anyway, you can probably find them other places too, but try it if you havent. :) I love it!