02 August 2011

signs of life.

after a couple months of thriving green plants, but no fruit, we finally have some signs of life in our tiny garden. last year we had the opposite problem. we got some fruit really quickly, but the plants all died off really quickly as well. i am learning that gardening is all about trial and error, and although we may not get everything we hoped for this season, we will learn from our mistakes, and try again next year.

i have a dream of living in a tiny house with a huge garden that produces all the food that my family needs. i figure, by the time i finally get my green thumb, we might be pretty close to seeing that dream through.

do you have a garden? and if so, what are some of your best gardening tips? 

happy tuesday! xo.


Lisa Marie Trent said...

I have what I have on my enclosed deck- which isn't much. I planted my corn- and though it has almost reached my hip, I down it would produce any edible corn. But it sure is nice to see those stalks giving off all that oxygen. I have a darling pot for strawberries, that didn't even sprout. However, Jack's sunflower he got on the last day of preschool is about to bloom.... good for him

Lisa Marie Trent said...

*doubt. Not "down."

The Dumas Family said...

Can we live by each other and have a community garden? That sounds so lovely.