01 August 2011

eleven months.

oh boy, our boy. eleven months today.

and oh boy, how you've grown.

you are so smart. you are picking up something new every day. you are our curious boy, always pointing at new objects, and figuring out new things. what's "dat" and what's "dis" are your two new favorite words. i spend so many minutes of our day telling you about the world. you are soaking it in, and learning your surroundings. you remember where things are, and spend time studying new toys. how they work, and how they feel. you look like our little engineer as you pick apart and bang on new objects around you. you are more playful than ever, and let us know when you want to play games. your favorites still being, "chase baby noah" and "peek-a-boo". you love it when your dad teases and tickles you, and you're still the best of buds. he can make you laugh so hard that you almost fall over. i have to hold steady to keep from doing the same. your laugh is so contagious. it's like music to my ears.

you are still the happiest baby on the block. laughing and playful, and ever-so-busy. always on the go and faster than ever. i think it is safe to say that you can walk, but are not walking. you tease us all the time, taking steps from one thing to the next, only to drop back down to your knees and cruise around on the ground. you are faster down there, and you're a boy on a mission. you are always roaming to your next adventure, and have become an avid climber. nothing stops you as you scale furniture, toys and even our bodies as props - we're just an obstacle, as you are always looking for the next thing to pull you up, up, up. you have started taking "breaks" on the ground, laying your head down, with your big boy arms and legs sprawled out wide. it only lasts a second or two before you are up rearing to go, but that one second is one of the cutest things we've ever seen.

being outside is your favorite, and you prefer it to all other activities. you love to watch us water the plants, and panic at the sight of us walking outside without you. we love that you are already our outdoorsy-boy, and hope to keep you that way. you love to play in the sun, the water, and the grass. you love having your grandpa walk you up and down the stream in their backyard. you love watching the cars drive by, and the squirrels running up the trees. you love getting your hands and feet dirty. you are all boy, by true definition.

you flirt with everyone from the cashier at the grocery store, to the little girl passing us on the sidewalk. you will give them your irresistibly charming smile, and once they smile back, burrow your head into my chest. only to do it over and over again. speaking of burrowing... you are still the cuddliest baby in the world. it starts first thing in the morning, as you crawl up on my chest, and lay your head down, giving me my morning snuggle. you have loved being held more than ever these days. and you love the view from the top - to see what we are doing, and how we are doing it. you will still crawl into my lap, and lay your head against my chest - it being one of the best parts of my day. you burrow into my chest, trying to get as close as humanly possible. we call it, "trying to get back into the womb". i think we both feel safer and loved with you wrapped tight in my arms. our days end with you snuggling up to us, so close, and continue that way far into the night. you are soft and warm and your fingers around mine still make my heart feel like its going to explode right out of my chest.

you've taken our world by storm, and turned it upside down. we've spent eleven months getting to know you and your quirks. we've spent eleven months learning that you are our entire world and nothing is as fun without you anymore. we've spent eleven months becoming the best of friends. it's true what they say. it just keeps getting better.

happy eleven months sweet boy. xo.


thewestenskows.blogspot.com said...

Cute Noah! Isn't it crazy that our boys are 11 months. It goes by SO fast. I feel like I just had Hank.. I love this stage though. It's definitely my favorite. Little boys are so fun!!

Katie said...

That first picture is just about the cutest thing I've seen. I swear I say that at every pic.

The Neilson Family said...

Only 1 more month until 1???? That is so crazy. What a cute little stud he is! xoxo

The Dumas Family said...

He looks so much like you in that second picture. He sure is cute! I can't wait for 12 months because you'll be back for another visit, even if that means MY baby is almost 1!