05 August 2011

friday links.

precious. i think this must be how our little boy always feels.

these lemon-lime ice cubes would be great for a party, luncheon, or just an every day refreshing drink.

i want to stay at this hotel. how cool would that be?

can you think of anything that sounds tastier than avocado fries with cilantro lemon dipping sauce? i didn't think so.

this outfit is taunting me. it's 110 degrees outside and i'm so ready for fall.

this nursing basket may be my new go-to shower gift. every mom-to-be should have one.

i think i love this idea. celebrating your half-birthday? it's almost time for me to celebrate mine.

loved this post about farmers markets and camping. i dream a lot about both things.

glazed doughnut muffins? um...yeah.

i've been coveting a vitamix for months now, but have been hearing some good things about the ninja blender. a lot cheaper...has anyone tried it? either way, i just need a blender that makes ice cream.

have a lovely weekend. xo.


The Dumas Family said...

That looks like the best sandwich ever! I can't wait to try a Noah sandwich!!

The Neilson Family said...

Those glazed muffins look amazing. Let me know if you make them!!! Happy weekend! Try and not over heat!

Amy said...

Fried avocados, yes please!