07 April 2011

seven months.

good morning sunshine boy. my seven month old, sunshine boy.

you, our little guy, shot straight through six months and are, quite literally, racing through seven. i think I once read somewhere that the only thing consistent with having a baby is change. and changing, you are. not long after you turned six months old, you began to crawl. a slow, testing-it-out, kind of crawl that didnt last too long. soon, my son, you were cruising, and are cruising, any chance you get. if I blink, I will miss you, and you'll be climbing up anything you can touch. life has gotten so much busier, and yet, still so much sweeter, every day that goes by.

you are my little sidekick, and we're practically attached at the hip these days. you'll head off exploring, but after a couple of minutes will speed your way back over and climb right into my lap. we'll snuggle for a second, and then you're off again, laughing excitedly, usually to see if you can find the most dangerous object in the room.

you are a busy, busy boy, and changing your clothes or your diaper is usually a two man job. flipping onto your belly is your favorite trick, and you're so strong there is no way to keep you off of it. the days of watching you lie on your playmat, so still and peaceful are long long gone. your grip is a death grip, and if you want something, you'll find a way to get a hold of it. you are independent and determined. and oh, so very smart.

we know you love us, and you show us with your gummy smile and sparkling brown eyes. and for some reason, your favorite things about us are what we consider our worst attributes. you love me to sing to you, most especially, the wheels on the bus, and popcorn popping. and you never laugh harder than when watching your daddy dance.

you love baths, and splashing, and banging your toys. you love sipping out of your mama's water bottle and sneaking bites of her morning oatmeal. you love, and want, anything we are holding. you love snuggling at bedtime, and still sleep most soundly curled up next to your dad. you love reading books, and love to turn the pages. brown bear brown bear and goodnight moon will quiet you down after a busy day. you love your hands tickled and your back rubbed. you love smiling at strangers and then burrowing your head bashfully when they smile back.

you are our little buddy. our little love bug. our sunshine. our sweet boy. our life. you make us want about 6 more, just like you.

you bring so much light and goodness into our lives. we can't wait to see what you show us next.

happy seven months little cub. xo.


Amy said...

Such a sweet little picture. kisses and hugs to Noah!

p.s. I too laugh pretty hard when Cort dances.

Kristin said...

LOVE IT! so sweet.

The Campbells said...

Can't believe he is already 7 months and he looks sweeter than ever.
Olivia said to me the other day, "Mom, I miss baby Noah. Will I ever get to see him again?" Me, "Yes, we get to see him when we go to Hawaii." Olivia, "But, will he still be a baby or is he growing up?"
Love to all of you...We miss you guys!

The Dumas Family said...

Happy 7 months sweet boy! Love you and can't wait to kiss those cheeks in a month.

Ashley and Ezra said...

Its amazing how fast time flies when you are flying around the house chasing a very movable, yet very clumsy little boy! I love how my days just fly bye! I miss you! and I miss your little guy!