28 March 2011


i'll be honest, i  haven't looked at my blog, or any other blog for that matter, for a while. life has been happening around our household, with some wonderful houseguests in the form of the Babcock duo (minus the twins), and a whole lot of moving and grooving from the little man that rules our lives.
not only is he cruising around our ankles, but now he's climbing up into a standing postion on anything he can reach. between running after him, and providing ample cushioning beneath whatever object he's hoisted himself on to, this mama has had no time to do what i promised. and that is blog. not to mention, we had a devasting crash of our laptop, leaving me trying to blog on an older pc, in which trying to download pictures has become a nightmare. not to mention the inablility to format in any organized fashion.
anyway, enough excuses...i'll be back, all in good time.
we're heading out on a spring break tomorrow, and i'll be back in a week, rejuvenated and ready to to conquer all that i've had planned.

for now, i'll just leave you with the happiest/sweetest boy on the block...

have a great week.


Amy said...

I bet Noah loves being in his new highchair in the kitchen with his mama. Sweet lil' guy!

Ellie said...

It's nice when they learn to bend at the waist when they fall so you don't have to follow them around with a pillow. What a cutie. Sorry about the computer. Hope everything works out.

The Campbells said...

Love that boy! Hope you guys have a great time on your trip! Wish you were making a stop in SLC.