01 May 2011

eight months.

our eight month old boy. that smile. those eyes that light up the second they're open. those cheeks. those feet. your hands. i know every single inch of you, and i can't get enough.

our playful boy is full of happiness and sunshine and you show it to everyone you meet. you, with your big goofy grin, will sit and stare, even at a stranger, until they smile back, only to give an even bigger smile and then bury your head in my chest. you love people and are so sweet. you could make even the unhappiest person, happy. 

crawling is a thing of the past, and you are only interested in testing your strength and agility by climbing to all things within your reach. my eyes are almost never off of you, for if i blink, you are climbing up the stairs, or heading straight for anywhere and anything off limits. you like a challenge. i have learned to multitask well, always with at least one eye on you. and this includes naps, as you have proven only to take a good, long solid nap in our bed. just like your night time sleep. you know what you like, and there is no use trying to prove you otherwise.

you are independent, but always love to have us within your reach. you are a busy boy, always on the go, but still love to stop and snuggle. you are getting so big, but are still my little baby boy. you are the best of everything and we love you more and more every day.

happy eight months sunshine. xo.

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