21 March 2011


while on a run with my little man this afternoon, we took a detour and stopped at the park. it was such a beautiful day, and i could tell that baby n. was itching to get up, get out and roll around on the grass. sometimes it's nice to break away from routine. i had other plans...including finishing my workout (i think i squeezed in a pushup at the park), but they could wait. this is actually really hard for me. i'm a creature of habit, and like to have things planned out and prepared. i get anxious if i need to get something done and can't/haven't. but spending time with my sweet boy in the sunshine took priority over everything else today. that's what having a baby in my life has done to me. i'm starting to relax and little bit more, and just let life happen.

after an extremely unfortunate incident last week (still too fresh to talk about), i'm feeling very grateful for this blog and the chance to document our lives. because of this, i hope to be doing a lot more blogging/picture-taking in the near future. hold me to it.

happy monday. xo.


The Dumas Family said...

He's so cute! I can't believe he's crawling already. I can't wait to see him in action. Congrats on the first of many grass stains. Suggestion - start buying green clothes!!

anna said...

I wish I lived by you so we could hang out and go on walks together with Noah. You guy make a cute pair. Miss you, love you!