01 February 2011

5 months.

our little ray of sunshine chasing the sunshine.

you're doing a lot of chasing these days. a boy on the move, even though you can't move very far. not long ago you hated your tummy time, and now we can't seem to keep you off of it. you'll scrunch up your little legs, and hike up your bum, and with your loudest grunt, you'll try to move forward. i can sense your frustration, and you let us know it's there - you want to be able to move so badly. but you'll get there soon enough. slow down little cub, you're growing too fast.

you are playful, and cuddly, and warm and soft. you'll wrap your dimply little fingers around mine and hold on tight. you'll pull at my hair. you'll grab at our faces. you're discovering your senses. you love to touch, and squeeze. you love to have your hand tickled. it's about one of the only times i can get you to sit still. 

because you don't like to sit still for too long, unless you're perched in the crook of your daddy's arm. you look so calm, so cozy. just hanging out, watching sports with your dad. it's a vision of what's to come, and it makes me so happy to see your bond.

we're getting less sleep than we did in the months before. you'll call out to us - now in your big boy crib - but once you see us, you're all smiles. almost as if you know what you're doing. right now, it's ok. we know there will be a day where you won't want to call out to us at all. so we'll take these sleepless nights, one by one. and what you're lacking for in sleep, you're making up for in eating. you're doing plenty of that.

you are careful to keep us in your line of sight, never wanting us to wander too far. you love to be able to roll around, and stretch your legs, but not for too long. you are still the happiest in our arms. and that's just fine with us. in my wishful mind, i think you've started reaching your arms out for us to pick you up.  you are, what your dad lovingly refers to you as, a cuddle-a-holic, and love human contact. you have a new disdain for your stroller, and prefer to be tucked into the baby carrier. where you can look freely all around you, and still be able to look up at us with your gummy smile.

we see more of your sweet personality every day. you are playful. and you get really excited. you now laugh freely and sweetly. we can tell you are going to be an independent little boy. doing things on your own time, in your own way. and you want to be doing what we are doing. eat what we are eating. hold what we are holding. you will grab at everything (usually just to taste it), and then drop it, just so you can grab at it all over again.

you love to play airplane, peek-a-boo and "this little piggy". you love to have your feet played with, tickled, and kissed. and you, our little yogi, can pull them all the way up into your mouth. and you do (along with everything else), every chance you get.

you're starting to show more interest in books. i'll hold them , and you'll put your squishy little hands right underneath mine, helping me hold it up. i'll point to things, you'll look. i'll read things, and you'll listen. one of the best parts of my day is sitting in our rocking chair, with you cuddled in my lap, watching you learn.

we smile, and you smile. every. single. time. and you give them out sweetly and generously. to family, to friends, to complete strangers. everyone always commenting on what a happy little boy you are. we pray for your happiness. we pray that you are comfortable, that you feel safe, that you feel loved. we'll never be able to give out enough smiles, or kisses, or cuddles, to show you just how much.

but we'll never get sick of trying.

happy 5 months little love. xo.


Kristin said...

i can't say it enough...your posts are the sweetest. i love reading them...he reminds me so much of my little boy. motherhood is the best! your little is so precious!

The Dumas Family said...

Look at those arms! What a chunkster - I love it! Happy 5 months little Noah. We love you!

The Campbells said...

5 months? Seriously? Why does time go by so fast?
By the way, that picture is perfect in EVERY way. Love it and love you guys. Xo

anna said...

That picture! Such a happy little boy - I miss him!

Sarah M said...

laura, he's perfect. i love what you write, you have a gift.

Ashley and Ezra said...

Oh he is just a smiley happy baby! I miss you guys!