11 February 2011

friday links.

hello, hello. haven't had a lot of motivation to blog these days. i'd blame it on sleep-deprivation, but even without it, i'm not sure i'd be considered the best blogger. i am taking pictures of baby n. though, and will be getting some up soon. the boy is getting cuter by the minute. even without a lot of sleep, the little guy sure is handsome. i on the other hand, am looking a bit ragged, and need a little grooming.

onto friday links....

am thoroughly enjoying this book.

some cute swimsuits, and inspiration to get back into bikini-shape before maui in may. yikes...better step up my game.

with that being said, i am dying to make these, and this.

and i already made this. it was the best.

wish my hair was long enough to pull off this look.

or short enough to pull off this girl's look.

going on an early valentines date with my valentine to night to this restaurant. have you tried their grilled artichoke?? be still my heart, it's delicious.

this should be the first step in organizing my closet. it's in serious need.

here's to a relaxing, romantic weekend and to getting stuff done next week!



The Dumas Family said...

Hawaii!?! I'm jealous! You are in amazing shape for Hawaii so you need to step up nothing, silly! Miss you!

Wendy said...

What a handsome boy!!