24 January 2011

monday confessions.

at any point in the day, you can guarantee that i have spit-up on my clothes.

i eat the same bowl of oatmeal every single morning. oats. almond milk. slivered almonds. blueberries. i'd probably eat it for every meal if i could.

i think i'm co-dependent. i'm going through a phase were i really, really miss Cort everyday that he's gone, and especially when he's traveling. i've always missed him, but this has been more so than ever.

i'm considering cutting bangs again. even after complaining every single day about trying to grow them out.

i spend a lot of time in a dark room these days, when it's time to feed baby N. or put him to sleep. now that he's so aware of the world around him, it's hard to keep his attention.

and he is so full of energy. he's talking and squealing and rolling and scooting. i can barely keep up with him now and he's not even mobile yet.

i miss my family more every day that i'm away from them. it doesn't get easier, like i originally thought it would.

i just washed our bed sheets for the first time since we've been home from Utah. yikes, embarrassing.

baby N. and i take a walk every afternoon to go steal a cookie from the leasing office. at first i just made up excuses about why i was there (taking a break from the cold, maintenance question, etc.). they figured me out. now i just walk in, say hello, and take a cookie.

i'm starting to lose interest in yoga due to how expensive it is. seriously...$15 a class?? i either need to pick up a new hobby or build my own little yoga sauna.

we have started to move baby N. into his crib at night. i have to get in the crib with him every night until he falls asleep to get him to stay in there. even though he's in the bedroom next to us, he still feels so far away.

happy monday. xo.


Ashley Blackburn said...

Move to Utah so we can open up our own pilates/yoga studio. Please. I'm ready. Any day now. I already talked to Ben. He can get us a small business loan :).

The Neilson Family said...

Glad you admit your confessions! It was good talking with you this morning. Hope you made home from your walk. Did you stop and get a cookie on your way home?? You totally should. Than you don't have to make any yourself. It is time saving!! xoxo

Kristin said...

I am dying laughing that you get into his crib! you need to take a picture! but whatever works right! i hope he is sleeping better for you!! I am considering bangs again too, then laugh cause i hated them when i had them! Oh and i am so getting a saunna! I am obsessed with them! love your monday confessions!

Amy said...

I miss you too! I wish we could go on walks and snatch cookies together. Someday.

Morgan@LittleHouseofVeggies said...

It doesnt surprise me at all that you get into his crib. You are not much bigger than he is. lol :)

The Dumas Family said...

I agree - Yoga and Pilates are way too expensive. He is so cute and looks so much like Cort. I thought for sure he was a Campbell when he was born. Funny how quick they change. He's so happy - you're doing a great job (crib sleeping and all). Love you!

thewestenskows.blogspot.com said...

Laura u r so cute! I love that u get in his crib.. I just cut bangs too. I have lost so much hair and have all this short ugly re growth that I needed to cover up. :-) hopefully noah will start sleeping better for ya! We r going through that too-- with whit though. She is a little stinker!

Ashley and Ezra said...

Oh I miss you and baby N! I agree with Ashley, move to Utah! I will support your yoga studio and come for free! haha