23 January 2011

mug shot.

i mean, seriously.

look at that face. this boy is full of smiles and loves showing them off. for the first three months of this life, we didn't think he had any dimples. as his face has leaned out a bit (but not much), we can now see they're in there, just hidden beneath the layers of cheeks (see this photo).

there are hard days when you didn't sleep much the night before.

there are days when you can't seem to find the time to shower because your baby only sleeps in 20-30 minute increments.

you feel unkempt, unattractive, and exhausted.

but seeing this smile makes it all worth while.

this post by my sweet sister-in-law says it all.

does anyone else besides me see a mini-Cortney in the making??


Colleen said...

Oh yes, he is for sure a mini cort! I think that every time I see pictures of him. So absolutely adorable. And I am certain that even when you are unshowered and exhausted you still look gorgeous.

Erin Bradley said...

oh how i love that little face! he is starting to look more and more like cort.

love you guys!!!