09 January 2011

let's get back on track.

whew...i'm still alive over here and way past due as far as blogging goes. we're due for a christmas/new year recap, a 4 month baby n. post, a new year resolutions list, and a whole lot of baby picture downloads.

we had a fabulous time in utah for christmas shuffling back and forth between our families and spent a relaxing new years in midway with mine. i always get a little deflated leaving our loved ones, but at the same time, i love the start of a brand new year. such a fresh, clean slate.

we've been back in dallas for a week now, but we're cycling through a cold in our family, and it's currently my turn to have it...so forgive me for my lack of posting. i just finished sipping down a giant "orange julius" (think milk, vanilla extract, orange juice and ice...delish), compliments of the husband, and am working on a glass of airborne as we speak. i'm kind of learning, that as a mom, you don't get to be sick. you just don't.

and guess what? it snowed today. can't say i'm that excited about it. i was happy to return back to 60 degree temperatures. but that's just me. looks like it's going to be a rainy/snowy mess for the next couple of days. ugh. guess it's a good excuse to stay inside, warm and cuddling with my boys.

hope you had a great holiday season and weekend. xo.

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anna said...

Sickness was bound to happen... it spread like wildfire in Midway! I hope you feel better.

I miss you guys so much. Love you!