19 December 2010

santa baby

we're packing up (last minute, of course), and heading home tonight. i'm so anxious for some family time. we'll be there a couple of weeks, so our suitcases are full to the brim. baby's first christmas is bound to be full of memories, love, laughter and good times. wishing you and yours the happiest of the happiest.

happy holidays.

xo. the nelson's


The Campbells said...

Love the picture. Can't wait to see you guys! Travel safe.

rachel thurston said...

Love that chubby santa. Happy Holidays!!

Brittany said...

Laura! Call us when you have a free day! We would love to see you guys and go to dinner.. all of us, Brandon & Julie, and Erin & Miah, you guys and us! Merry Christmas! X O! Love you guys!

Ashley and Ezra said...

Merry Christmas cute little baby N! I love you guys!

Jaci said...

Merry Christmas!