17 January 2011

4 months

our boy.

i can hardly believe that he's already 4 months, but at the same time, i can hardly believe that he's only 4 months.

he rolls. he's flipping all over the place these days, and we can't take our eyes off of him, because he has an agenda. we were so impressed the first time he did it. almost as if he could do it all along, but was saving it for the perfect moment. it's not enough for him though. he is working so hard to move. arms pulling, legs kicking, and all the grunts can't get him far enough. he wants to crawl in such a way, i know that we are going to turn our head one day and he'll be off.

he smiles. at everyone. the happiest little boy. all you have to do is just think about giving him a smile, and his gums will grin right back at you.

he laughs. mostly at anything involving his feet. tickling, sniffing, changing his clothes. all hilarious to this little man. it's the most heart-melting sound.

he's growing. he's been staying in the 90th percentile, and we can already tell he's going to tall like his daddy. we've moved right up into the 6-12 month clothes, and even some of those seem a little tight. i can only imagine where we are going to be in a couple months from now. toddler-size? nevertheless, the bigger he gets, the cuter he gets. so we'll take it.

he's curious. he's discovering the world around him, and it's a fascinating thing. he wants to be a part of everything. and see everything. his head is turning at every little noise. he can hardly concentrate on one thing, before something is stealing his attention. we can see his mind racing, figuring things out. we know how smart he is. his eyes tell it all.

he touches, pulls, grabs and shakes. his sweet little cabbage-patch hands (with the dimples squished deep into the knuckes) are into anything he can get a hold of. he's found my hair, and the buttons on my shirts. he helps me hold my water bottle as i take a sip, wrapping his fingers around mine. grabs and holds onto his toys, all of which usually end up in his mouth. but one of the favorite parts of my day, is how he will take that soft little hand, and calmly stroke my arm while he nurses. i'll tickle his face, and he'll tickle back. taking such good care of his mama, while i take care of him.

he is good, and happy, and strong, and loving, and sweet. each day i'm with him, i'm realizing how lucky i am to be his mom. the fact that he is getting to know me, and to know his daddy. he trusts us, and knows we love him.

our little bundle is the biggest blessing in our lives.

cheers to 4 months. xo.


Ashley Blackburn said...

Holy crap Laura! He's already getting so big! I don't even recognize him! He's a perfect mixture of you two.

Rachel Miller said...

You get me so excited to be a mom, especially to a little boy! I can't wait to experience the same love you have for Noah. The way you talk about him is so precious. I can hardly wait to have one of my own :)

Julie said...

Oh he is just too cute for words!

Kristin said...

Oh He is a doll! I am trying to get dean to roll....he hates being on his tummy. I love all your sweet posts about your sweet angel!

Julie Billmeier said...

your posts are so sweet and such a joy to read! he's so lucky to have you as his mama. :)

anna said...

I didn't think it was possible, but Noah gets cuter and cuter everyday.

Katie said...

I agree with Ashley. He is the perfect mix of you two. Cutie!

Rosemary Campbell said...

He is adorable!