04 August 2010

ikea babies.

running errands a couple of weekends ago, i dragged cort along to have his first ikea experience. as we scoured the aisles for over two hours, he used both the words, "life-changing" and "inspirational" more than once.

did you know that ikea carried baby furniture and accessories? i sure didn't. as we saw the price-tag for some of the items, we avoided eye contact with each other in an effort to offset the guilt we were no doubt both feeling thinking back to the not-cheap items sitting in our nursery at home.

nevertheless, i got over the shock, and picked up these burp cloths for $3.99. that's cheap to me folks, especially since i can't seem to make anything on my own!
p.s. - i jumped in the food line (because i can't go without eating for an hour) and picked up a kid's size chocolate milk and bag of carrots. as we went to pay, the cashier just brushed us right along, telling us that the kid's food was free. what, what?? i could spend all my weekends there.

i left exhausted after being on my feet all day and had contractions every ten minutes for the next couple of hours. obviously, our little wee can't wait to get out to see ikea for himself.


Ashley Blackburn said...

OMG! You're due in like two weeks!!!! Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristin said...

i love ikea! sweet that the kids food is free!! i love the burp cloths! your so close!! yay!!!

thewestenskows.blogspot.com said...

We love Ikea. They have such fun things that are really inexpensive! Good luck these next couple of weeks. We are excited for you guys!

Katie said...

You could practically have your baby there. I'll be they have almost everything you need, and maybe it too would be cheep. Lucy told me that the best thing about moving to phx was that there is an Ikea there so if we need something, we'll be able to get it. This was totally out of the blue...or maybe not :)

Amy E. Campbell said...

In a small way, I can get my Disneyland fix by visiting an Ikea.