20 July 2010


i saw this book in barnes and noble the other day - kind of hilarious, if you ask me. the terminology is pretty funny and would work if you or your husband would describe yourself as a techie, and you are concerned that your baby is going to malfunction.

but this brings up a point...do i need a baby manual? i know little to nothing about newborns and babies, so i'm thinking the more help, the better, but at the same time...can too much advice can be a bad thing?

any of you mama's recommend a good "i've had the baby, now what do i do..." books?


Wendy said...

Somehow you'll just figure the whole mom thing out! You will be a great mom, and when you do have questions, just ask people you trust! Most of being a mom will just come naturally!

Krista said...

what to expect when you're expecting is a good one...i think it also has helpful info when the baby comes...if not, i think the same people made a book for when the book actually comes...can't really remember. i also subscribed to 3 different email things to send me what should be going on with my baby every week or month. good luck!!

Ellie said...

Trust yourself and your instincts. YOU will know what is best for your baby. I've found that pretty much everyone does things differently, so just find what works best for you and do it. There is a lot of trial and error involved. I tend to go to the best Mommas I know for advice when I need it (who just so happen to be my mom(s) and sisters). Your pediatrician will be great too, just know that he/she will likely turn to medicine as their first resort. And, even if someone recommends doing something, you ultimately make the decisions for your baby, so always do what you think is best. Mostly don't stress about it. You will be a fantastic mom and from what I've heard about Courtney, he will be a great dad too.

Kristin said...

You will be surprised at how easy it comes. Don't sweat it! I read the baby books that Jenny Mcarthy wrote, not for the advice but just because they were hilarious and real and gave me something to laugh about other than my weird new body!