21 July 2010

red doors.

isn't this room dreamy? i love the natural light, black floors, mismatched chairs and interior red doors.

as cort and i are embarking on what possibly might be the most expensive time in our married life, i suddenly have the urge to completely redecorate every room in our home. most of our furniture is a hodge-podge of stuff from the last few years, that doesn't really reflect our (meaning my) style anymore.  i'd like someone to haul out everything we own, and start from scratch. cort is not loving this phase, which i am chalking up to "nesting". we seem to disagree on what is "important" right now - it's frustrating, but truth be told...his priorities are straight, mine are not. i can still dream, and for now, just plan...

*photo via seesaw designs

1 comment:

Kristin said...

Oh i love this room! totally my style too!i want to redo everything also....chris keeps telling me in 2 years when he is done with school. i think he is just says that though. ;)
i just noticed you have 29 days to go!!! so exciting!!