17 June 2010

two things

{this is not a photo of me, but i kind of feel like it is}

1. today was one of the hottest days i've experienced in texas. either the humidity was off the charts, or i just walked around outside for far too long, with way too little water. still loving the heat though. so far: texas summers = happy laura.

2. i caught my reflection (full body) in a window today. let me just say....wow. 2 more months of growing?? is that necessary?? please send all post-baby-shape-up plans to my email address.

thanks. xo.


anna said...

I have yet to feel real heat. Summer here has been so stupid.

And the bigger your stomach gets, the cuter you get. Two months will go by quickly.

Ashley Blackburn said...

you need to post some pics of yourself. Please Laura.

Amy E. Campbell said...

Ashley is right.. start posting some pictures of yourself.

Ashley and Ezra said...

I have to agree with Ashley... what's with all these fake out pictures of girls with bellies? Give us the real thing!

The Dumas Family said...

You should take a photo like that. It's pretty creative. I know you look adorable, like always! Can't wait to see you and your belly on Monday!