16 June 2010

these days

...i'm thinking a lot about slurpees and donuts. and i have not indulged in either. in an attempt to lower my sugar intake, i'm ignoring these feelings. and i feel pretty deprived. think its about time?

...i'm prenatal yoga class junkie...which i have grown to love even more than my regular yoga classes. when un-pregnant, i'm usually spending my time sweating, and trying to balance in unnatural (to me) positions, and love it. but i have to admit, i like the slow, relaxed pace of prenatal yoga. every mama-to-be should be participating - you will never feel so comfortable, so relaxed, so prepared, and so connected to your growing babe.

...i'm thinking a lot about giving birth. my pregnancy has flown by, but with still 2 months-ish to go,  i can't help but start to already get excited for labor. excited to feel how it feels to feel. i can already tell my body is prepping (hello, braxton hicks), and it amazes me everyday what our bodies are capable of doing. how we are made to do this.

....i'm spending way too much money on produce. but found a new juice our little wee loves - carrots and oranges. never thought this mix would taste that great, but it does. a bit of sweetness with an overwhelming orange flavor.  that's the best way to describe it.

...i'm preparing for another trip to utah. my family has got to be sick of me by now. but this time, it's less about me, and more about showering our baby with love.

...i'm making lists....for everthing. and putting them everywhere. things to do, places to see, things to buy. just in case i don't remember. and i don't remember anything these days.

...we're trying to revive our sad, sad garden. we're tending, nurturing, watering, and hovering. but still, it's looking grim for our poor plants. what happened???

happy wednesday. xo.


Kristin said...

i totlly agree about the pre natal yoga! though i have been bad at getting around to it. it's been two weeks. i have been walking way more so it cuts into it.....when i get back from UT i am starting it back up. you've inspired me. how exciting that your getting so close!! have fun in UT. oh an i swear when i worked at Juice Tree we had a drink similar to your orange carrot. it's good!

Amy E. Campbell said...

Carrot-orange juice, best thing ever! Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!

Morgan-- said...

Do you really only have 2 months left?? Time does fly when It's not me that is pregnant! :) Glad you are doing well, and I loooove carrot juice, I make it all the time. Just plain, and sometimes I make this amazing smoothie with it, I'll have to post the recipe when I get a chance.

Ashley Blackburn said...

Laura it's ok to indulge in candy, sugar, chocolate, and non-organic foods from time to time. Remember we used to do it all the time in Arizona. I think your baby will thank you for it. It's exhausting trying to be perfect.

Erin Bradley said...

I will make sure to have lots of carrots and oranges here for you next week.

Don't be mad if there are lots of "other" stuff as well:)

Kids can't wait!!!