27 April 2010

texas is green.

green and friendly. but of all the friendly people i've met since living here, my two best friends are over 60. one, my best bud and next-door neighbor, dana, takes me to lunch, shares shopping secrets, trades good books with me, and comes over to make sure i'm ok if she hasn't seen me in a couple of days. it's comforting. the other, is my local whole foods juice bar lady, sharon. she's close to 70, from louisiana, is always happy, is super sarcastic, always knows my order, and checks the circumference of my belly every time i come in to make sure the baby is, "growing right". these women make my day happier. i'm obsessed with "green lemonade" by the way. if i'm feeling too lazy to juice it myself, i'll just head over to whole foods and order the "green man" with apple. same thing. super delicious. 

well, well, well...looks like we have green thumbs after all. what you are seeing my friends, are tomatoes. i'm tempted to pick them right now and eat them -  un-ripe and all. this garden has become our baby. at least until our real baby comes along. 

no sign of the red peppers yet, and we've had an incident with our strawberries. we had some. then we noticed the batch getting smaller and smaller every day. i've narrowed it down to the gutsy, overgrown squirrels hopping around our home, or the green lizards that seem to pop up everywhere. i've held a stake-out a couple times this week, but have yet to catch the snatcher yet. stay tuned. 

while staging these stake-outs, i've been basking in the sun. i can't help it - i worship it. i figure i may as get as much as i can before it gets too hot this summer to step outside. am i right, my fellow texans?? 

don't worry mom (and husband)...i'm wearing sunscreen. and this stuff smells great. i'm close to wearing it as a perfume. 

happy tuesday. xo.


Kristin said...

oh i love your garden! i want one so bad. hope one day...when i don't live in an apartment. i love whole foods. i am going to try that drink the next time i go. which will probably be tomorrow. i go there more than the mall....have fun basking. it's warming up here, and the pool opens in a month! i can't wait!

anna said...

I want that lemonade, your garden, and that sun. If those tomatoes were mine, I would have probably already eaten them all, even if they aren't quite ripe.

Amy E. Campbell said...

I'm actually pretty jealous you live in Texas. I've always thought it would be such a pleasant and down-to-earth place to live. Also, you know my obsession with "Friday Night Lights."

Love the garden, the sun, and YOU!

Morgan-- said...

I love green lemonade too! Its so refreshing! I am jealous of all of your tomatoes. THere is nothing like a graden fresh tomato sprinkled with a tiny bit of salt andn eaten like an apple.