28 April 2010

tonight is the worst.

i tried going on a walk and it was too windy, i was too tired, and i felt like i was carrying a ten pound brick in my belly. 

i turned around after 10 minutes.

while walking back, my ipod broke. the first generation ipod, that i've had for years and years, died on me. i'm devastated. 

we're watching american idol and i can't believe ford pays such an insane amount of money that they have to do a cheesy "commercial" every week. 

everything the husband is doing, and i mean everything, is bugging me. and he's doing nothing wrong. 

my stomach feels like its going to explode, i'm starving and i don't think i can fit any food in it.

i miss my family and want to go put my head in my mom's lap and fall asleep. but i live in texas.

noises are grating, smells are nauseating, and even breathing is exhausting. 

i know life is all about the attitude you chose...but...some nights are the worst


anna said...

I guess you have a good excuse... you're pregnant. Is modern family on tonight? that always makes me feel better.

Kristin said...

love the post. i feel this way too. and the husband thing...it actually made me laugh, cause thats what happens in our home. hope today is a better day!!!

Ashley Blackburn said...

Oh La la. Little do you know I'll take all your pain away this weekend in Palm Springs.

Miriam Ika Marshall said...

i am so sorry... i hope today brings a better day.. hugs and kisses and prayers are being sent your way!! every girl needs her mom and i am sorry you are far away from yours.. you are a trooper!!

Ashley and Ezra said...

I am so sorry... I can relate to you right now on so many levels! This pregnancy thing is so amazing and so strange... why do I want to rip my stomach open after every meal just so I can breath? Who knows? But just think, only a few more months to go!!!