26 April 2010

over the weekend...

soaked in a few hours of pool time. do i have a swimsuit that fits? no. and i doubt i will all summer....but i sweated it out anyway.

spent 2+hours in pottery barn kids and came out with nothing. its amazing how time flies when you're having fun. 

made the husband take me to 
this movie. i'm still embarrassed and still feel guilty. but i just think j-lo's a good actress. 

slaughtered a batch of homemade bread. i've made this a few times now, and it's still hit or miss. don't skimp on good flour. 

also made these cookies. easy and hit the chocolate spot. 

and...my belly doubled in size. as did my appetite. i'm not kidding. any other pregnant friends feel this way??

**a big shout-out to erin and afton...happy birthday to my sweet girls!



Kristin said...

oh i want to try those cookies! and yes i feel that i am so much bigger all of the sudden. i am half way so i hope i don't get too much bigger! my hub calls my but memory foam. anyway i am glad you had such a fabulous weekend.
p.s i think my cous emailed you. she wanted to see if you were in her ward???

Wendy said...

Totally understand feeling like you doubled overnight, lol, but I am sure you look quite adorable! I think the movie looks funny, would you see it again?

The Campbells said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I bet you look just adorable.

anna said...

Your homemade bread is to die for. And as for your stomach, I say the bigger the better... and I bet it's adorable.

♥rockwood♥ said...

please post a pic of your growing belly! I bet you are the cutest little prego girl ever!

Erin Bradley said...

ahh, thanks for the bday shout out. it seriously was a perfect day. the only thing missing was you and cort:(