22 April 2010

earth day

a few healthy earth day tips i've picked up (and still work on):

- buy local produce. It's fresh, better-tasting, more nutritious, abundant, and thus, less expensive. Plus, smaller scale farms that serve farmers markets or farm stands are typically grown with sustainable and/or organic methods.

- hit the lights. flipping the switch off will not only save energy (saving resources and pollution) but will also save you money. for even more karma points, unplug your lights or appliances when you're not using them, since they still suck energy when they're not in use.

- eat less meat. pound for pound, it costs more than vegetarian protein sources and high rates of its consumption have been tied to increased cancer rates.

- filter your own water and drink from reusable containers. you'll save at least a buck a bottle and avoid the risk of bpa leaching from the plastic bottles. we use a brita water filter, and it tastes great. decrease landfill and save some money.

- bring your own bags (byob). some stores will even reimburse you a couple cents for each bag you bring from home. it just makes sense. 

- avoid sodas and soft drinks. a waste of calories and money. skip the diet ones too, as several studies suggest they actually cause you to eat more.

for more green-friendly tips, click here



Amy E. Campbell said...

great tips! We definitely need to be kinder to our dear mother earth.

anna said...

did not know it was earth day. thats why i need you here.

Joy said...

Great tips! Mike and I joined a CSA program, so we get local organic produce each week. Really fun, especially because we have to search for recipes that include ingredients we don't normally use. Have you seen "Food Inc" by the way? I think you'd really enjoy it!

Ashley Blackburn said...

Are you trying to tell me I can't have Diet Coke anymore???

laura n. said...

yep, ash...it's out. :)

Ashley and Ezra said...

Thanks for the tips! I have so much I need to work on... but it's one step at a time!

The Campbells said...

Great tips!