12 April 2010

we're breaking the 80 degree mark here in dallas this week, but i'm not complaining. 

we drink a lot of protein shakes/smoothies in our household, and this one is perfect for a it's hot-outside-and-i'm-craving-something-sweet fix. pretty low calorie too - add some flaxseed or any extra fixins you'd like like for extra umphh.

banana-cocoa smoothie

1/2 banana (better if frozen)
3/4 cup almond, rice, or cow's milk
2-3 tsp cocoa powder
handful of ice

mix all together in blender or my personal fav, the magic bullet

i get a lot of action from the baby when i eat something he likes, and this definitely tops his list. i find it adorable - we're going to get along great. 


anna said...

Hey, Mom just made this and I tried it... It was good!

Wendy said...

YUM! I may have to put this to the test!

Morgan-- said...

I have a banana cocao almond milk smoothie almost every daY! i LOOOOOVE IT! Glad that little baby is active and well!

Kristin said...

i am trying this!! i just have to get some coco! thanks for the post! i am glad your doing so well. oh how is the garden??? i want one so so bad!

Katie said...

That looks so good, I wish I had a working blender 'cause I have bananas!

Sarah said...

Mmm Laura I just made this for breakfast and I LOVE it. Not too sweet. Yum thanks for the recipe.

Miriam Ika Marshall said...

how did i miss that you are preggo? oh my goodness!! i am so so so so excited for you!! you will have to write me, how are you feeling? i love you girl and i am so excited!!