01 September 2009

treehugging tips: recycled reading

simple and green tip 08: recycled reading

back to school, back to school

this usually means a large bill at the bookstore, and for a busy campus, a whole lot of precious trees being used to fill the pages of your textbooks. according the the national resources defense council, the pulp and paper industry is contributing to more global and local environmental problems than any other industry in the world, and textbooks take up a huge chunk of those emissions. 

this year, before dropping your paycheck on new books, consider buying some previously-owned, just as good, books for your classes. most schools offer used books at a discounted rate, and if not, hit up a friend that has taken the class before, or look for ads around campus for people selling their loads. better yet, sell or give away your used books for some good karma

try this or this website for some online sources. 

for those already graduated, get your next book clubs read at a used book store or amazon. i love getting a book just a little worn with some comments written in the pages...


Ashley Engar said...

you can also rent text books now...I'm not sure what the website is but you save TONS of money and you're most definitely helping out the environment.

Erin Bradley said...

good tips girls. and since i just might be going back to school this could be very helpful. love you!

Scott said...

Actually, http://www.BookDealFinder.com is the best site I have used out of all of the textbook sites. I have checked out all those sites and none of them even come close to BookDealFinder.com. If you haven't used it yet, you are really missing out!