31 August 2009

good morning, monday

{santa monica stairs, long and steep}

good morning. had a fun, hot weekend in the marina. we aren't used to hitting the eighty degree mark around here, but we were sweltering this weekend. with the muggy air quality, near triple digit temperatures and raging wildfires spreading all weekend, it made los angeles one mean, sweaty place to live.

our weekend involved a new healthy brunch cafe, a baseball game, more than one batch of these cookies and some painful stair running that left us unable to walk the entire day yesterday. under heated conditions, i like to keep my diet cool, and preferably liquid, which leads me to the new favorite way to start my day.....

stuff the blender chock-full of fresh spinach, a tsp of flaxseed oil, cup of almond milk (or liquid of choice), favorite fruit (i like frozen berries), (maybe) some almond butter, a little ice, and....

...voila! the green monster is born. makes a huge glassful, and i happily gulp down the entire thing. the best thing about this drink/smoothie is the ability to get creative as you want, and it is always good. try it, you won't be disappointed. and you'll be getting some extra greens in your diet. nothing wrong with that.

happy monday. peace and love. 

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Kristen M said...

I have missed your comments...glad to see you are back to blogging. I did the stairs in Laguna on Saturday, Thousand Steps and yup you guessed it my legs are all messed up still today (it's monday) Supposed to do a run tomorrow but for reals can't walk anywhere close to normal yet.