22 September 2009

good morning, tuesday

...or it would be, but these puppies make entirely too much noise lately to get a decent night's sleep. i sure will miss them when we leave though :(

lately, i've been trying to find my "sweet spot"...just the perfect amount of sleep (not too much, not too little) to where i wake up refreshed, energized and ready for the day. right now, its either 6 hours or 9. i either love sleeping or hate sleeping. anything in between is not working.

how much sleep do you need?


Erin Bradley said...

Good morning to you my sunshine!

I too, have a hard time finding that perfect amount of sleep. Too often I get 8+ hours of sleep and still feel tired when I awake.

Ashley Engar Blackburn said...

I usualty get between 8 and 9 hours of sleep and I feel amazing. I used to sleep 6 hours and kept me refreshed as well. So who knows?