21 September 2009

boxes, perishables and rubbage

it's safe to say the one thing that i hate most in the world is moving. if i could pay thousands of dollars to let someone move everything for me, i would. unfortunately, the husband doesn't agree. 

the countdown is on: ten days until we pack up and head on the road. final destination, san francisco. i'm pretty excited to get there, but not excited to leave. having lots of mixed emotions. i have loved living in the marina

in between scouring through piles of clothes and trying to eat all the food in our cupboards, we are making some headway...we've packed up our book collection, which wasn't as easy as you'd think - easily the most of anything that we both have together. the good part...i think i'm mostly looking forward to throwing a lot of stuff out. it's amazing what two people can accumulate in five months of living together...

these are the days that i really miss my mom. she is so organized and calm during my anxiety attacks. i'm pretty sure she completely took over during my move from utah to scottsdale. man, i miss her. i of course, am procrastinating. baked these for a bake sale today, and couldn't help but sneak a bite. they are delicious. you should try them.
{us, in ten days}
xo. peace and love.


Anna said...

boy oh boy I can't believe you guys leave in just ten days. that went by super fast!

as for the packing... I think we feel the same. I can't even pack for a sleepover.

I know you'll get everything settle, it will just take some time. just pretend like your susan in these kinds of situations... think like she would. its funny and it works.

can't wait to visit you in san francisco! love you!

Amy E. Campbell said...

I'm so similar to mom when it comes to packing, I'm pretty good at it. So I should probably just come help you guys...eh but I tend to get a little bossy with packing.

Ashley Engar Blackburn said...

The next five months of your life are going to be amazing. Why? Because you will live in San Francisco.

Mandy said...

Hey! You will LOVE San Fran!! I have a good friend that lived there and has nothing but good things to say about it. HAve fun with the move!! Why are you moving there anyway? You need to catch us up!!