17 July 2009

random end of week thoughts

{photo from venice beach canal, june 2009}

some random thoughts:

going through a life detox, cleaning out my closet, apartment, pantry and more....trying to simplify - i'm feeling a change in the air.

reading this, this and this....love, love, loving all three. hoping to become a better writer, person and yogi.

missing this girl, wishing she would post something new everyday.

thinking about starting p90x again, but still don't know if i want to, or if my body agrees with weight lifting. 

loving this blog.

really wanting to go here. or here.

can't stop thinking about these cookies. or stop eating them. 

going to see this movie, with these guys. probably more excited than i should be. 

happy weekend, peace and love.

"the real juice of life, whether it be sweet or bitter, is to be found not nearly so much in the products of our efforts as in the process of living itself, in how it feels to be alive."~george leonard


Kristin said...

I love the quote at the end of your post! Great pic too! So yes about Mario's magic potion! My pimples heal much much faster than any other zit zapper I have used. Yes it does flake a little, but it also depends on your skin type. Yes, my skin is much smoother and more even with using his products. I also LOVE the drying mask! It also helps with pimples. Um....what else?? I just love it! Check the website if you want? www.mariobadescu.com Let me know what you think!

Amy E. Campbell said...

I love that you're my hippie sister.

Jill said...

you're so sweet. thanks for the link.