14 May 2009

for the love of hudson

{rachel thurston got some great photos of him, including this one}

sometimes Cortney and I will just sit at home and talk about how cute Hudson is. this is one of my favorite pictures from our wedding. he looks so sweet in his pin-striped suit, pizza in hand, and in full concentration of what he is doing. he is a mini version of my husband, and that is only one of the many trillion reasons that i love him. that, and when he snuggles with me. ah, hudson. i wish i could be cuddling with you right now. 

erin, is he for sale?



Anna said...

i love hudson. cutest boy i ever did know, and this picture makes my heart melt. i cant wait for you and cortney to have kids!

Erin Bradley said...

He is being shipped as we speak. He really is a mini version of Cort. His manerisms all. I will keep my fingers crossed that he will only turn out so GOOD!

Erin Bradley said...

Yep, definitley being shipped. I just turned around from writing the paragraph above and there it was......a whole bottle of syrup spilled EVERYWHERE. Like I said, he is Cortney. BEWARE:)

Amy Campbell said...

oh sweet hudson. I love that he's obsessed with being a cowboy.