15 May 2009

tough cookie

you can just see the fierceness/tenacity/adorable-ness in her eyes. (one of my favorite pictures by rachel)  

we got a call last night from afton/erin, telling us that afton had unknowingly "bumped" her head at the playground yesterday, causing her to need stitches, and of course causing mine and cort's hearts to beat at an alarming pace. but according to afton-girl, she, "didn't even cry once". this of course, made me smile, but also made me miss the little love three times as much. as if that was possible. even though we aren't blood-related, i can see bits and pieces of myself coming out in her already. like me, she is the toughest girl on the block...i also like to think i have the pain tolerance of an overgrown grizzly bear. though cort may disagree. 

i miss you afty. you are so brave. xo.


rachel thurston said...

this was one of my favorites as well...those eyes!!

I hope her cute little head is ok.


Erin Bradley said...

Afton is so lucky to have an aunt that cares so much!!! She LOVED seeing a picture of herself in her princess dress on your blog.
ANd if you really have the toughness of a bear, I'm sleeping next to you in yellowstone:). or a gun. you guys decide.

Ashley and Ezra said...

You really are one tough cookie... remember when I gave you a black eye, and "you didnt even cry once"? I do... payback for breaking my arm !)