12 May 2009

ten more things i completely adore...

i have had a lot of fun making lists lately. just thought i'd share some more of my terribly happiest things:

1. my morning email from ash
2. reading a blog post by her and her, and laughing out loud.
3. writing letters/notes
4. a back rub from my husband
5. pink lady apples
6. cool trees with crazy branches
7. churros from disneyland
8. the "after-run high"
9. my rock-solid group of friends

{both pictures beautifully captured by r.thurston}


Amy Campbell said...

green lemonade sounds fantastic!

Ashley and Ezra said...

All I can say is... those girls are SEXY!!! and that Bride is sure stealing the spot light! We are so blessed to have such an amazing froup of friends... Love you!

Ashley Engar said...

I as well love green lemonade and I have YOU to thank for that. I also love my morning emails from you. Keeps me going through the day!

Ashley Engar said...

and what are "crazy trees"?

Brittany said...

So I got to go to lunch with Ash the other day and asked her how my "other" little sister (you in case you didn’t know) was doing and told her how bummed I was that I was in Kentucky on the day of your wedding – I sooooo would have been there if we weren’t in KY! I was sad I missed it – anyway… back to how you were doing … she said you were doing wonderful, and I should just go read your blog (haven’t checked it out in a few months). She failed to mentioned that my cynical little Laura has been kidnapped and replaced with this other person that is somewhat mushy and flowery and oh soooooo happy almost to the point of total delirium. I am so happy for you and love you tons! Please let me know when you are in town next because I would love to see you.