30 June 2011

thoughts for your thursday.

the concept for this picture book made me laugh. and then it made me want to cry.

one of my biggest fears as a mother is the overload of electronics these days. i try very hard to in our home to keep the television off, except for when i slip in the occasional baby einstein video when i'm cooking dinner, or if i need background noise for the too-quiet nights that cortney is out-of-town. luckily, baby n. has shown very little interest in it and for the most part phases it out.

when it comes to electronics though - ipads, laptops, iphones, etc...that's a whole different ball game. if we are using it, he wants it. he lunges for the computer and attacks my phone. he knows what they are and where to find them. we try to keep him away from them, but with how prevalent they are in our lives right now, it's so hard. and sadly, i have to admit, i seem to sometime encourage it - there are a few iphone apps that have saved me during rush hour traffic with a cranky baby that is unconsoled by his other toys, my singing (not that i blame him) or books. 

it's just another one of those mom-guilt things. i feel as if my sweet innocent boy is being tainted by the world every time he stares with glazed, wide eyes into my phone. where i would like to keep him protected in a world full of wooden toys and old books, i know i can't keep him from it forever. (unless it comes to video games...because that i'll never get behind). more than anything, i want him to grow up with an appreciation for the outdoors, real books, real games, and an active imagination. i've thought about just leading by example and slowly decreasing my use of all of them (our boy must think that my phone is just an extension of my body), and hopefully, it turns into habit.

but just like anything, there has to be a balance, and i assume as our children get older, and the world keeps getting faster and more advanced, we'll just have to find ours.

tell me...in the battle between books versus electronics, where do you draw the line?



anna said...

I completely agree with you. I hate electronics, but we have become so dependent on them.

The other day I went on a hike and saw two little boys fishing by themselves. It was the sweetest thing. I decided right then and there that I would probably enforce my kids to do stuff like that.. and hopefully they would just naturally learn to enjoy and prefer the great outdoors.

Amy said...

This is by far my greatest fear and I'm not even a mother yet. Oh boy.

I feel that because you and Cortney are both active, interesting, and outdoorsy people-- you needn't worry. You'll be the perfect example for him of that balance.. just like our own parents :)

Tamara Jacobs said...

hi laura!
i am completely with you on all of this.
it is such a battle to keep life simple as far as not being over taken by tv and electronics! we are still trying to find our balance there with our kids. i love your blog so much!!!
you little boy is sooo cute!!

Katie said...

Nick and I have talked about this a lot. I want my kids to have REAL books! I want them to be able to take them off the shelves and thumb through the pages. I'm scared for how technology is so intertwined in our lives now, but I have to believe that somehow it will be okay and if we show our kids balance, then they'll follow.

laura said...

i'm so glad you all feel the same way :)