15 June 2011


we have an overabundance of wood furniture in our home. 

we do, and i feel guilty about it almost every day. this also means we accumulate a lot of dust. we are trying to keep a greener home around here, and furniture polish contains petroleum distillates, which are highly flammable and can cause skin and lung cancer. since baby n. is doing all but licking everything he touches these days, to help counteract my guilty conscious, and also save money, i thought i should be making my own furniture polish.

it was so much easier than i thought it was going to be and took me about 2 minutes to make. maybe less.

all you need...
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup lemon juice

mix together and store it in a recycled jam jar - pair it with a microfiber cloth, or old sock (to reduce the use of paper towels) and you're set.

in addition to the furniture polish, i threw out all our toxic cleaning products, and made my own out of things we already had on hand - ingredients, such as baking soda, vinegar, lemons.... and i swear everything looks and smells cleaner than it ever did before. plus, i feel better about my little contribution to the preservation of our environment, the health and safety of our baby boy, and a step closer to a simpler, and greener lifestyle. it's a win-win. um, win.

what you can't see is that i have labeled it "furniture polish"...as it could easily be confused for salad dressing. 

which would be fine, i guess. :)



Courtney said...

Smart. I'll have to try it out.

Ashley Blackburn said...

Awesome idea.

Julie Billmeier said...

oh, thanks for this! i was dusting this weekend and hated using that stuff on my coffee table knowing that rebekah would lick it in like 5 min. i use a cut up old t-shirt to dust, you think that would work with this polish?

laura said...

Absolutely it would Julie! I'm excited for you to give it a try....xo.

Katie said...

Wow, you are green. I would have never thought of that. Great idea!

Erin Bradley said...

i am loving this new post a day thing. keep em coming. i always buy natural cleaners so i'm excited to try and make them on my own. thanks sister!