08 December 2010

winter song.

whew...we're back from the big city. new york, that is. i didn't tell you i was going, did i? well, yes, cort had to head there for work last week, and i couldn't stand the idea of him leaving us again, so baby n. and i tagged along. our little guy was quite the little head-turner, all bundled up in his bear beanie and gloves, tucked away in the ergo baby, taking in all the sights.

it was f-f-f-freezing, but very christmas-y, and left me feeling very holiday-ish. i getting excited to go home and spend some more quality time with the fam, and experience baby's first christmas.

i think today, baby n. and i will spend the day making our christmas lists, checking them twice, and listening to christmas music. particularly, this song (how adorable is this video??:

happy wednesday. xo.


Amy said...

Glad you had fun in NYC, wish I could have been there. I bet Noah was a little star over there... sure miss that fella. Can't wait to see you guys soon!

p.s. I've never heard that song you posted. I like it!

Karli said...

i love that song! i have never seen the video though.. cute! i want to see your ny pictures!!