02 December 2010

three months.

our little chatterbox.

you have so much to say now. your sweet ooh's and ahh's come frequently now. as you wake up in the morning, when you discover something new, when you want to be picked up, or for no reason at all other than to charm us with your voice. it's one of the sweetest things i've ever heard, and our conversations are the highlight of my day.

your coos will turn into a giggle, which will sometimes turn into a laugh. which makes us laugh harder than anything i can think of. but you sure make us work for them. they are still few and far between, with us always sitting on the edge of our seats, waiting breathless for the next one. when they happen, it's almost as if my heart gets too big for my chest. i've never heard a more beautiful sound.

sleeping is still an adventure. you fight it with all your might, cocking your head back, and fighting our snuggles, pretending not to be tired. we know you are, no matter what you say. once you finally fall asleep, you look so peaceful. just watching you sleep makes me tired. and we still watch you. all the time. we could hold you all night, and i think we sometimes do. you've slept through the night a number of times, but wake up more often than not, just to keep me on my toes. i secretly love it. i love nestling into your warm body, rocking you back to sleep in the peaceful, quietness of the night. don't rock your baby to sleep. i think i heard that somewhere...what an absurd idea. when a baby is as cuddly as you are, it seems crazy not to.

so much of your day revolves around your hands. you've just discovered you can reach out and touch. and reach out, you do. the first time you did it, i was floored. and i'm pretty sure i cried. because i cry at every milestone. it's amazing to see you learn and grow. you are learning so much and like to see everything around you. once your eyes lock onto something new, you're determined to touch it. no matter how far away it is. i'll walk you towards your new object of interest, and you can hardly wait to get there. there are times i have to hold you back from what seems like you jumping out of my arms to get to it. i can already tell what an active, curious little boy you are going to be.

you've also grown accustomed to gnawing on your fingers, your palms and sometimes your whole fist. you are so entertaining - watching you try to stick the whole thing in your mouth. i've been told these are signs of teething, but could that really be happening so soon? i know i've said it a lot, but i'll say it again. you are growing up too fast. 

you despise your car seat. not that i blame you. it must be so boring back there, on your own. and you seem so far away from me, so i hate it too. so, i'm very careful about where we go these days. and that's fine. i'm perfectly content being at home with you. in fact, i prefer it. i like to be where i can look into your eyes, and make you smile. where we can play games, and sing songs. everything else can wait.

i've been feeling guilty about your tummy time. i know i don't do it enough. you have never liked it much, and i'm certainly not famous for making you do something you don't want to do. just when i think i've put your development at risk, i put you on your tummy, and you push yourself up all on your own- with your roly-poly arms - and show me how you can look all around. and if that's not enough - as i'm shocked watching you show-off the strength of your neck - you decide to top that off by rolling onto your back. you're growing even without my help. i couldn't hold you back if i tried.

and just as you are discovering this newfound independence, i'm only becoming more attached. you are my greatest accomplishment, and i'm so lucky to be able to stay at home with you every day.

you and your daddy are the best of buds. you save all your best smiles (even though they're all the best) for him. he blessed you this last weekend. you, in your soft, white cable knit jumper couldn't have looked sweeter. even though you were sleeping, i know you heard him, with all the love in his voice as he said the words that came straight from his heart. he is so proud of you. we're so proud of you.
i keep thinking as i watch you grow, and learn and charm us everyday, that i will never be happier than at this very moment. but every day gets better and better. i don't know how you do it. 

happy three months baby boy. xo.


patty said...

Laura, I am so happy for you. You express your feelings so delightfully. Because I am a Mom I can truly understand how you feel. I am so happy for all of you sweet girls who have new babies. I told Lacey... As much as you love Mckinly, That is how much I love you.(x's 27 years) The love go's on forever. Keep up your beautiful posts. P.S. he is darling.

Kristin said...

I really like you.......
and your sweet posts!!
I love reading them and love you love being a mom.....because i think it's the best thing in the whole wide world!

Carlee said...

what?! you blessed him in slc and i didn't know???

Erin Bradley said...

another beautiful post.
i have absolutley loved watching you and cort be parents. little noah sure is loved by everyone he meets.

anna said...

I love Noah so much.

whit said...

Love the post Laura, I love how much you love being a mom, it really inspires me. Thank you