10 December 2010

friday confessions.

i had three cookies before breakfast this morning.

i'll probably eat two more after this post.

baby n. had a blowout that went through his clothes and onto my leg on the airplane ride home from nyc on tuesday. nice timing buddy.

i have repeatedly been telling cort that i was NOT the one clogging the bathroom sink. this was all before he pulled out a huge hair ball, that happened to be long dark hair, out of it last night.

i still don't take as many pictures as i should. the ones i do take, don't look that great.

i cried when i couldn't stop baby n. from crying the other day, because i felt like an inadequate mother.

i feel like an inadequate mother at least once a day.

60% of the things i bake/cook don't turn out.

but even i couldn't screw these up (note first confession)...made them last night. delicious.

sometimes i think baby n. only sees me as a food source (and that's fine) - see picture below.

i've been wearing the same pair of leggings all week.

i'm a vegetarian that has been eating meat like it's the last food source on the planet...(i chalk it up to breastfeeding).

i don't call people as much as i should. but mostly because i get sad that i can't talk to them in person.

tonight is the first night we are leaving baby n. with a sitter. cort has a work party, and i'm kind of freaking out about it, but am excited to dress up. i never get to dress up (note confession #11).

have a happy weekend. xo. 


♥rockwood♥ said...

Laura... I love you! What is your address? I'd love to send you our Christmas card!

rachel thurston said...

love you for being so normal and honest. LOVE that baby too. blow outs and all.

Ashley Blackburn said...

Thanks for the honest post Laur. :) I love you.

John and Courtney Houghton said...

I love your one picture that you do feel is good enough to post. I bet the rest are great too! You are a great mom. :)

imagine:joy said...

I love your honesty Laura. :-)

thewestenskows.blogspot.com said...

You are so cute! Hey I totally know how you feel. Cookies are my norm for breakfast, my hair is falling out in crazy amounts, and my little guy has explosions too... just not on an airplane. :) Enjoy your night out with no baby!!

The Campbells said...

I adore that picture.

Kristin said...

Can I say I just love ALL your posts!!?? I think I have said that before....
Dean exploded on the plane too....I was by myself and had to change him in the middle of turbulance! I wanted to cry. You are darling and a phenominal mother!
Oh and I love your picture!

Ashley and Ezra said...

Oh that picture is amazing!!! I want to squeeze him right now! When do you guys come back to utah?

patty said...

Laura, You are the cutest!!!I love you.

Char said...

I too am sad that I can't talk to people in person, the phone is hard to do. You are too cute & super honest which is a great quality!