18 October 2010

over the weekend...

my baby snuggled up in his ergo baby at his first football game. he lasted all but 2 minutes though, since his overly paranoid mother immediately thought he was overheated, and ran him into the shade.

more pinkberry, and another movie. both chilling and delicious.

burgers and sweet potato fries (the works for him, black bean veggie for me)

a sunday afternoon walk through arbor hill nature preserve. turns out there is a little outdoorsy-ness in dallas. not a lot, but some.

another batch (or two) of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. i can't help it - once fall hits, i can't not make them. i promise, we're giving some away.

and lots and lots of snuggling with our little cub, of course.

this morning, i woke up to the smiliest boy in the world, making my day immediately wonderful. his face makes the world shine. on the agenda this week? unfortunately, a dreaded, and long business trip to new york for the husband - (it's so much harder to have him leave now), a much needed haircut for me (should i chop it off? keep it long?), a 9+ mile walk (can i do it??) around white rock lake with one of my best dallas buds, and most importantly, a visit from this and this girl. there is going to be a lot of baby snuggling going on. so excited.

happy monday. xo.


Ashley Blackburn said...

Ok. That movie was so good. And Roman Polanski was the producer. Boo-yah. You guys should watch Rosemary's Baby to get in the spirit of Halloween. Another old Roman Polanski movie. Creepy, but really good.

Kristin said...

don't you just love when your greeted with a precious smile! oh it makes my day! i think i may have to try those cookies!!

Amy E. Campbell said...

Sounds like you're living the dream. Can't wait to see you, Cort and baby Noah this weekend.. very, VERY excited. Save some of those punkin' cookies for me. Love you!

Sarah said...

I wish I was coming this weekend! Some day...