30 September 2010


happy birthday to the love of my life.

 photo by rachel thurston

 the best husband.

the best dad.

the best guy.

thank you for making me so unbelievably happy. xo.


Char said...

Love that first picture of you two, so cute!

Brittany said...

Happy Birthday Cort!
Love, The Scott & Britt Nunley's :)

The Campbells said...

Love all those pictures! Happy Birthday, Cort!

Erin Bradley said...

Happy Birthday big brother! Sure wish I could be there, but we sure do love you lots!!! Couldn't agree with Lala more....you are one great husband, dad, friend and brother!

The Neilson Family said...

Happy Birthday Cort! Hope you had a wonderful day! Laur, tell him I wished him a happy birthday! I sent him a text and than Darren told me later his number had changed!!