16 August 2010

monday confessions.

always have to make my bed. i can't leave the house knowing that the sheets are in shambles.

i got winded driving in my car the other day. i had to pull over to lay back and catch my breath. i'm not sure how this happened. but it's just more motivation to lose the baby weight.

i carry a water bottle with me everywhere. i immediately (probably subconsciously) get dehydrated if it's not with me.

even though i have loved, really loved, being pregnant, i'm excited for when i can start sleeping on my stomach again. 

if i hear the song, "hey soul sister..." (you know the one i'm talking about??) on the radio one more time, i'm going to boycott listening to music.

when people think that my spouse, Cortney, is a woman, i almost never correct them.

i usually balance out a really productive day, by having a really lazy day the next. 

i'm kind of nervous about becoming a mom. even at the young age of 27, i feel set in my ways, and am scared about how much things are going to change. 

i love dr. quinn, medicine woman.

since being pregnant, i think i've visited every public restroom from dallas to san francisco. and that kind of makes me sick.

i'm a registered yoga teacher that has never taught a real class (for money anyway). i got certified, moved and then immediately got pregnant. i'm hoping that someone will still want to hire me when i'm ready to start teaching. 

one of my favorite movies of all time is Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, but I fall asleep in the same spot every time. i don't think i've actually been able to finish the movie in years. 

i tried to be a vegan and lasted for about two weeks. my skin looked pale and my hair started falling out - i obviously was doing something wrong. now i call myself a vegetarian, or a pescatarian, but since i've been pregnant, i've been a flexitarian.

i hate loud noises, or being startled.

i keep having dreams that i deliver a 40 pound baby. i don't remember if it was a vaginal delivery. 

i'm due a week from today, although i don't think our little cupcake will be making an appearance for a couple more weeks. but i'd love to be surprised.

happy monday. xo.


Jamie said...

i just love reading your posts. i think i might start some kind of 'confessions' or 'what is on my mind' type posts just because of you. also...i'm craving a mcflurry today, haha. good luck with the last week! yay! we still need to get together...guess we can after both our babies get here, that would be more fun anyways : )

anna said...

*chanting and pumping my fist*...

"Have the baby! Have the baby! Have the baby!"

Also, If I hear that "Hey soul sister" song one more time, I too will boycott music all together.

Kristin said...

I read your post to chris and we bust out laughing a couple of times. he loved the cortney confession. and since i have been pregnant he commented " pregnant women are funny " I think cause i had a couple of the same confessions. that is so awesome your almost done! i am excited for you!!!

The Dumas Family said...

I love you and miss you. I'm sorry the little man is taking his sweet time arriving. Enjoy a McFlurry and some episodes of Lost and you'll be just fine. He'll be here soon! Maybe check out information on The Bradley Method and see if there are any helpful hints in there for natural childbirth and getting the process started. My cousin is doing that method now and I have a friend that had all 3 babies using it.

Ashley Blackburn said...


Wendy said...

Oh you never know lady! They come when they are ready that is for sure! I am so excited for you! I cant wait to hear about it!! Hang in there! ;)

Char said...

I also carry a water bottle everywhere I go! Even have to have one when I go to bed. I love ready your posts as well! Happy week to you!

CoLiE-O said...

i am nervous too that at 28, i will have a hard time adjusting to having a baby b/c im so set in my ways.
btw- i wanna see cute pics of you preggo. i bet you look darling!!