13 August 2010

friday thoughts.

it's official, i'm going to be pregnant forever. just kidding. but in all seriousness, i had another appointment today and still no progress. i know that doesn't necessarily mean anything, but a little would still make me feel better. i've had my heart set on a natural birth since i got pregnant, but it seems that everything is working against me. i really don't want to be induced (and am avoiding a c-section like the plague)...words that are being thrown around by my doctor a lot these days. i really do believe he'll come when he's ready. just wish that was sooner than later.

saw kesha (??) perform on the today show this morning. now, i don't know much about this girl, but i'm pretty convinced it takes zero actual talent to make it in the biz these days. i sat with my mouth wide open (not in a good way) taking in her "lyrics" and dance moves.

also saw dina lohan (mother of lindsey) on the show - it's interesting what is considered "news" now. it's kind of depressing. i still watched it though - and i've never seen a mother in such denial. sad, sad.

heard a warning watching the weather forecast this morning, advising us texans to stay inside. air quality and heat index are far too high these days. i have to admit though, a lot of people had me thinking that a texas summer would be a lot worse than it is. we've had one, maybe two, near-miserable weeks (at least for me) of heat and humidity. the rest...well, it's just summer...it's hot. and i still love the sun.

i really, really want to see eat pray love this weekend (to make up for this bomb of a movie we saw last), but don't think i can sit for that long anymore. i don't know...i may be able to be convinced with comfy clothes and a large supply of candy. 

Cort and i are really into Lost these days. i'm not sure if we really like it that much, or if we are just that curious to see what the crazy writers come up with next. where do they get this stuff?? either way, we're hooked.

i think this may be a mcflurry weekend. i don't know yet, but i've been craving one my whole pregnancy, and have yet to indulge. if i count the number of "other stuff" i've been eating to make up for my deprivation though...i probably could have cleaned out a whole mcdonalds by now. 

you should probably get one too.

have a good weekend. xo.


Krista said...

did you know they now have snack size mcflurry's? the perfect treat!

Kristin said...

i just love your posts! I hope you have a great weekend....i say get the McFlurry. maybe i will too. {after seeing that pic...yum}
i hear you about natural birth, thats what i am hoping for....i hope you get what you want! happy friday!

laura n. said...

krista, you just changed my life.

kristin, i really hope it works out the way you are planning as well!!


Cason and Marie said...

Laura, I was in the same shoes as you. I wasn't progressing at all. My doctor said that I would most likely need to be induced with pitocin or something to help me with my delivery. So we decided to be induced early. Fortunately for me, everything went well. But you always hear those horror stories of women being in labor for hours and then ending up having a c-section.

Way to go on the natural delivery! You are wonder woman. We are praying for you! Your babe will come when he's ready.

Sarah M said...

Oh! I so hope you can go natural! I held out 12 days over with ruby before I caved. I was induced both times. If you can hold out you will be my hero! I'm hoping third time will be the charm with me...
Anyway, I'll be thinking of you. Good luck!

Julie Billmeier said...

I saw both The Other Guys and Eat Pray Love last weekend. EPL was worth sitting thru...although it was kinda long. I would have invited you to join us if I had read this last week!

My kid kicked me the entire time through The Other Guys - I think he/she enjoyed it about as much as I did (and as much as you did, it seems). I love your blog! :)

Cynthia said...

Whatever you do do not get induced. It is the worst labor pain ever. Not to mention that my son that I was induced with also has autism, not sure if there is a connection or not. This is coming from someone who had 3 kids naturally and no pain meds or epidural. Now with that said I hope it all goes well for you and family!